Commission an Icon 

Sacred Images and Icons may be commissioned. Basic pricing follows the schedule below.

There will be additional charges for icons with multiple figures, for especially intricate detailing, or rush orders. Completion time will be discussed at the time of order. Half (50%) payment is required when the order is placed. The balance will be due when the finished icon is ready for shipping. Icon subjects may be chosen from any existing prototype. I will be happy to assist with the research into a specific work, or patron saint. All Sacred Image Icons are created according to the ancient process.

Sacred Image Icon Certificate
Each commissioned Icon will come with its own certificate of authenticity. The certificate will primarily identify the work and writer of the Icon, and confirm its authentic creation. The certificate may also include a variety of additional information. For example a scripture verse, prayer, or dedication could be written out. Also, a more lengthy description of the symbolism in the icon could likewise be provided.
Some already completed icons on my website may be available for purchase.
Please feel free to contact me at for further information.
My main goal in creating icons is to spread the WORD through icons. My belief is that no one should be denied a Sacred Image in their home. If you are financially unable to commission  or purchase a print, please feel free to contact me and I will gladly send you a print.